Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

100 Years from Today

a new novel by George H. Rothacker

Over the two decades it has been nearly impossible to predict how different the world will be five years ahead, let alone 100. In 2020, with little warning, humans experienced the first pandemic since 1918, while technology continued to expand at a relentless speed in nearly every field including genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, augmented reality and the internet of physical objects.

How will humans adapt to the technological changes as they continue to develop at 20 to 50 times faster than today? What kind of jobs will people have? And what might be our purpose on an Earth governed by intelligent machines?

100 Years from Today, a new novel by George Rothacker, takes you on the journey of a selected group of humans, limited by their own biological and intellectual evolution, as they navigate through the unknown world of tomorrow.  

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