Media Fellowship House and the Chester Student Scholaship Fund – (Dorothy James Scholarship)

The Media Fellowship House was formed in 1944, after two African American women and a baby were denied service at a restaurant in town. Two white women who witnessed the discrimination invited them to a different restaurant where they all were served. Media Fellowship House was born that day and continues to promote fellowship and understanding between diverse cultures and generations. 

Since its founding, the Media Fellowship House has been a beacon for social change and continues to create programs, organize coalitions, and facilitate conversations.  While the work grows and evolves just as the community does the focus remains on providing programs that promote social justice, diversity, and economic empowerment. 

Media Fellowship House believes that a better future requires an investment in our young people. That investment can be made by all of us in various ways. Whether it be the time we spend with our children at home or the support we offer to different community programs like our Youth Coalition, Media Fellowship House believes it is vital to help guide our youth and support them as they become the leaders of tomorrow.
To that end, Media Fellowship House created the Dorothy James Scholarship. Named in honor of one of our founders, this annual award offers financial support to any Delaware County high school senior interested in pursuing continuing education – college/university, trade school, certificate program, or similar.
To be eligible, students watch Media Fellowship House’s video entitled, Words of the Heart which tells the story of Dorothy James a civil rights crusader, her great-grandfather, Thomas Garrett an abolitionist and leader on the underground railroad, as well as the founding of Media Fellowship House. After viewing the video, the students write an essay expressing their reaction to the video and their thoughts and ideas about what they would do to help improve our community. 
The scholarship is available to students who participate in the Marie and Cynthia Jetter College and Career Center of the Chester Education Foundation.  The 2020 winners are pursuing degrees in Education, Engineering, Criminal Justice, and Psychology.

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