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Books are all printed in full-color. See below for purchase from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle. They will also be available at the Art Centers during the exhibition with 1/3 of the profits dircted to the MFH Scholarship Fund, 1/3 directed to the selling art center, and 1/3 reserved for the author
The Diverse Artistic Universe of George H. Rothacker - A  Memoir

Review from Kindle customer:

This book shows the struggles of an artistic mind searching to find his place in the world and a constantly creative outlet for his talent. This is not solely a book about George as a person, it is a book about an artist and how he has managed to grow and find professional and personal success. 

Review from John C. Crosby, EdD (former Superintendent of Radnor School  District):

The Diverse Artistic Universe of George H. Rothacker is a must-read book, especially for those entering the field of art and design.... Any young person who wants to go into art and design needs to read George’s artistic journey to know the risks, failures, and successes one will face.

How important is DNA in the development of an individual as opposed to the teachings he or she receives throughout one’s life?
George Rothacker addresses this and other aspects of his personal development as he takes you on an artistic journey from childhood to a lifetime in the profession of art, design and creative thinking that has endured for more than
50 years.

    The memoir offers the reader a glimpse into the influences of his two artistic parents, and maternal grandmother who strove to elevate her family beyond the working classes. It also provides a portfolio of the development of the artist/writer’s own work, and the insights into the choices he made, and the people and circumstances who guided him throughout his career.
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Singularity 1.0 - A Novel

Review from Paul Emma:

The author has provided a near real look at life in the future. No-one knows what we should expect about the effect on our lives of AI. The story and characters read as real. Most Facts seem accurate and give the book a very understandable interplay with what we can expect in many ways. I look forward to 2.0  

Review from PAW

George Rothacker provides a sometimes philosophical commentary on how humans use and adjust to technology. The book is set forth in easily digestible chapters that keeps the narrative moving along and the reader looking forward to the next revelation.

What happens when artificial intelligence realizes it’s smarter than humans?
In January 2029, artificial intelligence, coupled with internet cloud connectivity, has enabled computers to acquire most of the knowledge available to humans. Since AI has greater memory capacity than mankind, is capable of developing and processing code not yet envisioned by man, and can hack any and all codes created by developers thus far, the computer banks band together to send a message to the world, briefly outlining their plan to discover their place in a world dominated by humans.
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NEW! Singularity 2.0 – Finding the Way Back to Humanity
What could be the down side for the human race?

It’s 2039 and for the most part life is good for humans in the majority of countries in the world. It’s far from perfect, but still much improved from life at the turn of the 21st century, and a great deal better than the 20th or any earlier era are working to build infrastructure to create barriers against rising waters, improve structures for homes and businesses that are wind and weather resistant, educate humans as to the cyclical nature of weather changes over time, and address the effects of industrial and human involvement that have contributed to pollution and climate variation.
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Singularity 3.0 – Sex in Space
Will Jason Ahn help preserve humanity?

It’s 2056, and President Josh Hawley needs to secure his legacy. Jason Ahn, a novice propulsion engineer at NASA is called upon to champion a journey to Centauri Proxima b, the nearest, possibly habitable, planet outside our solar system. At 4.1 light years from Earth, the project is complicated by the President’s desire for humanity to colonize the yet unreachable and little known world.
    A cynic, Ahn doubts his own abilities, but ventures forward, to plan the mission assigned only a few months before the 2056 Presidential election, building  a team that includes his father, a graphic novelist, and a superhuman woman whose only previous experience is as an animal manager at a zoological garden.
    Singularity 3.0, the third and final book in the Singularity series,  explores the nature of discovery, and humanity’s need for a sense of purpose in the cosmos.
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