The Musicians

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Painted in 1980, “The Musicians” was an outgrowth of my pen and ink drawings of the same period. In this period I used a limited pallet in painting the incongruous subject matter of an historic soccer team posing for a photo with a man with a cello seated in a wicker chair waiting for the conductor to proceed with the music. The palms at each side, (in wicker baskets) frame the photo, and the carpet sets a base for  the photo and uses the same cadmium red used in the players’ uniforms to tie the work together.

The yellow surround strengthens the graphic nature of the work.

During this period I created several large canvases in this style.

17" x 22" giclée prints in a limited quantity of 50 are available by clicking below. The painting may be purchased by contacting me at, or from the Community Arts Center in Wallingford for $3200.

The retrospective is on view until October 9th with tour and reception by the artist from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm. 15 people per time slot every half hour with attendees registering online through Signup Genius:


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